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Grandmother's Sayings . . .

Posted on October 9, 2010 at 12:55 AM


My Grandmother, Rhoda Angeline Bugg, was born in 1902.  She was a small lady; kind, soft-spoken and hard-working.  She milked cows, til her arthritis wouldn't let her work anymore.  I can remember visiting her each summer and going to the barn with her to see the new calves .  For breakfast, there was always country ham, eggs and her special homeade grape jelly - all from their farm.


Grandmother had a quiet sense of humor.  This could be seen in the little things she told her children, when they were small.  Her sayings were a kind and fun way to help her children learn a lesson or just for a laugh. 


The mountains have lots of nursery rhymes and sayings that are fading from memories.  Here a few of my Grandmother's sayings.


 If a child said, "What fer ?" . . . 

Grandmother answered, "Cat fur, to make a kitten a pair of britches."


If some one said, "Huh ?" . . .

She answered, "Little pig says 'Huh' "  

"Pull his tail, he'll say  'unh huh'."


When a child sneezed,  .  .  .

She said, "Scat cat !  Get your tail out of the gravy !"


If a child said, "Hey" .  .  . 

She'd say, "You better save that hay; you might marry a mule some day."


If someone said "My nose itches" .  .  . 

" My nose itches ? .  .  .

Somebody's coming with a hole in their britches.

You get the needle and I'll get the thread.

You patch his britches and I'll put 'em to bed."


One final word of wisdom . . .

"A burned child is scared of fire."


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If you'd like to hear more Mountain Nursery Rhymes and Children's songs, try to find a copy of:    

Granny Will Your Dog Bite, by Gerald Milnes,published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.,1990


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