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Mamaw's Sateen Bloomers

Posted on March 10, 2012 at 3:50 PM

Mamaw's Sateen Bloomers

Mamaw made her bloomers,  

Out of red sateen.

And when she was young girl,

She did the barndance scene.

When the fiddler’d call a round, 

She would grab a beau.

Laughing as they'd spin around, 

And do a doe see doe.

She was just four-foot ten, 

The guys all nearly six,

She’d let them swing her high and low, 

Just to get her kicks.

Now I don't know, but Papaw told

There were a lot of rumors,

That the boys all swung her round, 

Just to see her sateen bloomers.


Once when she got up to dance, 

She heard a lot of snickers.

As she stumbled onto the floor, 

They were laughing at her sateen knickers.


She looked around, then looked down, 

And to her suprise she sees,

The elastic had blown in the last dance, 

And her bloomers were around her knees.



By Dana McCall  (December 2011)

Categories: Mountain Memories